Shining Star is a digital sky map software written by myself, this software is about the astronomical phenomena which have delt with informalization, digitization through scientific calculation, simulation and prediction those interested in astronomy can get what they want to know about the sky. The software contains three ways of observation in solar space, equator, and horizon.

You can view the whole solar system in the solar space mode, you can also look at any of the planets nearly. You can see the whole sky as standing at the earth in the equator or the horizon mode, it’s very helpful for giving some advice to people before watching the sky outside. People can watch the veritable sky simulated by this software at home.

Shining Star (Lcsky) is a sky map software worked out in my spare time when I was in junior school, the time when Google still to be born, and people like me connected to the world through a creaky 56k modern. Time passed so fast. After the collapsing of the dot-com bubble, came the golden age of the Internet, while the stars always shine, night after night. And Shining Star has been growing slowly all the time, maybe much more slowly than you may think.

Shining Star is designed to show you the constellations and stars exactly above your villa. She is also designed to show you the planets of our solar-system in an easy way. She can tell you things like "What is the name of that brightest star outside my window?", "What does it look like?", "If I can fly to the edge out of the Neptune's orbit, and each blink passes 1 year, how would the whole eight planets run in their orbits?"